Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitty, A new book by Jeffrey Bale

Kitty is a book of images of cats that I have met along the trail over the years.  Most of them live on the street and eat what they can scavenge or by the kindness of strangers.  Though I don't have a cat and don't really want one, I always seem to stop and engage cats when I come across them.  Some are extroverts and are lushes for attention.  Others are quite wary and run when I get too close.  Some have wide open stares.  Some are sparring for territory, and some smell another cat in heat, and often they are curled up trying to sleep.  They are not always easy to photograph either, so this collection is often a captured fleeting moment.  Like people, they all have their own personality.

Certain friends have been telling me that I should make a book from these images and so I finally have.  You can see the entire book by clicking on this link, and if you are interested you may order a copy as well.

Thanks, and mew, Jeffrey


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