Thursday, February 18, 2016

My work on Oregon Art Beat

A round medallion mosaic I made for Oregon Art Beat
My work was recently featured on an episode of Oregon Art Beat, which is an emmy award winning program produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting.  It was produced and directed by my good friend Eric Slade (

Eric Slade filming at the labyrinth

I built the mosaic pictured here for the show using a nice collection of stones.

Enjoy, Jeffrey


  1. Hi, I tried to send an email but the link in your profile gave me a message basically saying that I can't get there from here.

    I'd like to follow your blog via email, any chance you could put a "subscribe..." gadget on your blog?

  2. Hi, Im not sure how to do that! I'm not super tech savvy. I think if you become a follower it sends you a notice when I post something, but I'm not entirely sure how that works…sorry

  3. Great work! When i was searching around looking for inspire i could not think i will find stone mosaic.
    By the way, i would be pleased if you check my handmade mosaic. Give it a try, it`s free!