Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to Jeffrey Bale's World of Gardens

I have been writing for several years about various topics relating to my work as a garden designer, and the kinds of things that inspire me in that field.  I have also been lecturing at various garden clubs around the country for several years.  I find that I have a lot to say, as I have learned a great deal during my years as a builder of gardens and as a world traveler and documentarian of what I see.

I have heard that gardening is the second most popular past time in the United States after shopping.  If people gardened as much as they shopped, imagine how different this world would be.  Those who enjoy the pursuit of embellishing their outdoor spaces for beauty and for food know that it has a far more lasting impact than shopping ever will.

Those who know me know that I tend to be very opinionated.  Perhaps it is the perk of being older and hopefully wiser.  But I honestly believe that much of it has to do with the fact that I go out of my way to explore what the World has to offer in terms of beautifully designed and executed spaces, and that I build what I design.  I see it as a manifestation of beauty, and we can always use more of that in our lives.  I believe that beauty inspires inner peace, and love, and compassion and understanding that spaces lacking in beauty do not have.  I hold nature in the highest regard, as I don't recall ever seeing a sight in nature that didn't hold beauty, which is more than I can say of much of the man altered world.

So I am going to try and raise the bar, to inspire and challenge readers to aspire to lovelier and more meaningful relationships with their gardens and surroundings.  We all have an impact on this planet, and we have a choice as to where that takes us.  I'd like to chose a path that enriches my life and those I come into contact with.  So here we go!

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  1. thank you Jeffrey. You and your work inspire me deeply.

    I look forward to seeing this here space evolve and grow!