Thursday, July 21, 2011

An article on my work in the New York Times

This article was written by Kate Murphy from the New York Times after interviews while I was working on the garden of Brooke Adams and Tony Shalhoub in Los Angeles in the fall of 2009.  It was published in the Home and Garden section on Christmas Eve of that year.  After watching me work for part of 3 days, she titled the article 'Turning Every Stone for a Perfect Fit' because that is what I do all day when I am building a mosaic.  Every stone is selected by hand and only those that have the proper shape and color are used.  People don't usually realize what that means until they watch me work for a long time.  I found a lot more than two dozen pebbles in that 400 pounds.  She journalistically exaggerates.  I don't use a slurry of concrete either, but rather Type 'S' Mortar, which is commonly used to lay bricks and stone.  The price of $100 to $300 a square foot is rather exaggerated as well.  Wouldn't that be nice (for me).

The main error in the article was the statement that I have a two year waiting list.  I am virtually unemployed at present, which seems odd considering what I am capable of doing.  If there is an eccentric, spiritual, artistic person of means out there who wants me to build them the most fabulous garden imaginable... the stuff of dreams, my services are available.

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Enjoy, Jeffrey


  1. Oh for some means...................

  2. If I had the means, I'd fly you to Australia and have you do a garden for me. Your work is incredibly beautiful, and so is your ethos.